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The MicroPlex Coil System (MCS) is intended for the endovascular embolization of intracranial aneurysms and other neurovascular abnormalities such as arteriovenous malformations and arteriovenous fistulae. The MCS is also intended for vascular occlusion of blood vessels within the neurovascular system to permanently obstruct blood flow to an aneurysm or other vascular malformation and for arterial and venous embolizations in the peripheral vasculature.

The device should only be used by physicians who have undergone pre-clinical training in all aspects of MCS procedures as prescribed by MicroVention.

Product Benefits
Versatile framing coil designed to form a stable basket across various aneurysm morphologies.

Variable loop design allows the coil to brace against aneurysm walls and provide stable framing across the aneurysm neck.

Available in longer lengths to increase number of loops during framing and provide more volumetric filling per coil.

Controlled Delivery and Reliable Detachment
Paired with V-Trakâ„¢ delivery system with excellent performance from coil introduction to coil delivery and detachment.


Product Compatibility:
Compatible with Headwayâ„¢ Duo 156 Microcatheter, Headwayâ„¢ 17 Microcatheter, Headwayâ„¢ 21 Microcatheter


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HyperSoftâ„¢ 3D CoilsHyperSoftâ„¢ 3D Coils


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Available products and their specifications:
Product CodeSoftnessCoil SizeDiameter (mm)Length (cm)

Additional information

Product Codes:

100102HS3D-V, 100103HS3D-V, 100152HS3D-V, 100153HS3D-V, 100154HS3D-V, 100202HS3D-V, 100203HS3D-V, 100204HS3D-V, 100206HS3D-V, 100208HS3D-V, 100254HS3D-V, 100256HS3D-V, 100258HS3D-V, 100304HS3D-V, 100306HS3D-V, 100308HS3D-V, 100310HS3D-V, 100355HS3D-V, 100358HS3D-V, 100406HS3D-V, 100408HS3D-V, 100412HS3D-V, 100415HS3D-V, 100510HS3D-V, 100515HS3D-V, 100520HS3D-V, 100620HS3D-V


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